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Your order has been accepted by the shop. Shop will contact the order phone number within 24 hours to confirm your order. So please pay attention to the phone number so that the consultant can call and confirm the order.

Your order is shipped to your home and delivered to you personally. You only pay the amounts agreed with the shop. Also do not have to pay any additional fees.

Please check the goods before payment.

Our order is carefully sent and packed and you will receive your order within 3-7 days depending on the locality, ward or city.

All of our products are imported and sourced, ensuring maximum trust for our customers. giving customers the safest feeling when buying and using products from us.

1. Every product you buy from us has a clear origin

Warranty And Return policy

2. How long is the product warranted?

All of our products customers are warranted for the first 7 days renewal
(for products with high value depending on the product will support a longer warranty)

Customers are inspected before receiving goods and pay the delivery staff

Warranty and refund 5 times if found fake or fake products compared to advertising

Customers are supported with product advice from all sides from customer care staff 

30 days repair support if the customer needs

3. Warranty conditions?

The product that the customer bought from the shop finds an error before use
(the error is caused by the manufacturer)

Products are still in the warranty period (7 days return)

If the warranty ends 7 days to return, the shop will support repairing if the customer needs

Any inquiries from customers will be responded and resolved by us as soon as possible.


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Warranty policy


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